The second wave of COVID-19 has broken out across Europe and also reached Franconia. We’re waiting until November 2nd to decide, which locations cannot host Franken Game Jam 2020. Luckily, COVID is nothing new in November so we’ve been planning Franken Game Jam as a hybrid event since the beginning. Here you can read how we’re planning the online part for Franken Game Jam 2020!  All participants from offline-locations can participate online, should a location be cancelled!


Friday 18:00 Introduction on Discord with Keynote and following order of events:
  • Brainstorming in two rounds in small mixed teams
  • Concept Pitches
  • Teambuilding
  • Start 
Saturday: 18:00 Playtest session Sunday:  Crunchtime
  • Polishing the game and removal of last bugs 
Until 18:00
  • Upload of the Game to
  • Fill in the submission form 
from 18:00       –     Final presentations of the Games Opening Friday Evening: The opening of the FrankenGameJam will take place on the Games Industry Franken Discord server. The jam starts with a short introduction speech of the organizers about the general order of events. Afterward the keynote (including this year’s theme) will be presented via screen sharing on Discord. Directly after the opening, we will enter the brainstorming phase. For brainstorming, all participants will be assigned to random groups to discuss possible game ideas. After the first brainstorming around the attendee, groups will be mixed up again and the ideas from the first round concretized or expanded. Even though some ideas might seem silly at first, keep in mind to meet them without reservations or prejudice. It is definitely worthwhile. The concepts which emerged from those brainstorming sessions are not final yet. They should merely assist as an orientation for the rough direction a game will be. Every concept should have a distinctive name.  Note that the brainstorming groups are not the final Teams for the jam. When the second brainstorming round is about to end, every group selects one group member to present the concept. In a short pitch, this person introduces the concept to the rest of the participants. The groups are for brainstorming purposes only. After hearing all pitches, the participants are free to decide which of the pitched game concepts they want to work on for the remainder of the jam. For team-building purposes, we will create voice channels for every introduced game concept. So everyone can find someone to work on a project. If you already have a team preassembled before the jam, you can either look for additional team members (if you are e.g. lacking a coder or a graphic designer) or if your team is already complete, start jamming. Every Team should have 3 to 6 team members and should consist of at least one coder and one graphic designer. As the ideas will evolve during the jam anyway, it is also ok for multiple teams to work on the same concept. When the team-building phase is finished, the work on the game starts. Saturday Evening: 24 hours into the jam the first game mechanics are implemented and it is time to show your progress in a playtest session. Therefore a playtest session will take place at 18:00. Here you can show off your game prototypes either via screen sharing yourself or send a playable version of your prototype to the organizers which will play the game and give feedback. Here you can see if your controls work as planned, whether exporting the game already works, and if the basic concept of the game is fun to play. Sunday Evening: The deadline is coming closer. Games are being polished. Final changes are implemented and the last bugs removed because Sunday evening at 18.00 is the Deadline for submitting the games. You have to submit the games to Important aspects:
  • Of course, you’ll keep all the rights on your work
  • The description of the game should at least contain
    • The goal of the game and how it is played
    • Which controls belong to which action
    • Who worked on the game?
    • The #FrankenGameJam2020 # FGJ2020
  • Screenshots or even better-animated gifs of the game 
To be able to organize and coordinate the final presentation we need further information from you. Therefore you have to fill in the submission form of the FrankenGameJam.  Final Presentation: For the final presentation, every team selects one team member to present the game to the other participants via screen sharing.