Dear Jammers, we’re very excited to kick off Franken Game Jam 2021 as a hybrid event! While some of you are participating at one of six offline-locations others will be joining the online Event!

The online-event will be held on the games industry Franken discord server: The game jam starts on Nov. 5th at 18.00 CET!

In order to join the online event go to the Franken Games Discord server and type !register in the channel “register” under the Franken Game Jam category.

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After doing this the only thing left to do is to wait for Nov 5th and join the 2021 main room at 18.00!

In order to keep a collaborative atmosphere, we encourage you to share your progress on social media under #jamFranken and #jamFranken2021 or #frankengamejam2021. We’ll be giving away (sending, as long as it’s within Germany) merch bundles to the most active jammers!

For all the streamers out there we’ve prepared some streaming pause-screens you can (but don’t have to) use when broadcasting Franken Game Jam. Just make sure to put #jamFranken in your stream title! Find the StreamlabsOBS .overlay file here.

All other information can be found in the #info channel on the discord server! We’ve been working hard to make Franken Game Jam a cool online event. So join us on Nov 5th via Discord and have an awesome weekend full of creativity & game development. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Your Franken Game Jam Team